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Pragma Machine Translation is an automatic translation program
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Pragma Machine Translation is an automatic translation software. It is an application that seems to have been done by some really unorthodox people. They didn't bother to configure the application's installer very well. When you finish installing the application, everything is in Russian (I think). The system tray menu is where all the application's features are accessed from, but you can't make sense of any of it if you don't speak Russian. I somehow managed to get to the options menu and changed the interface language back to English. Before I did that, even sample translations and all the buttons that I clicked opened a website in Russian.

Then I realized how this application works. I say realize because the support is pretty much non-existant. The website is very poorly translated and has no help at all.

Pragma Machine Translation grabs text from the applications that are active on your computer and sends it to Trident's website, where it is translated on a web page. The "translator" can grab text from web browsers and office suites like Microsoft Office and Open Office, among other programs. However, almost nothing is done on your computer.

Licensing is another thing with which the developers took the "weird" road. You pay for the time you want to use the application and the language pairs that you want to use. Thus, if you want to translate from English to Russian for a month, you would only pay $3. This has advantages and disadvantages and you can probably figure those out. There are seven supported languages.

Another problem I had happened when I downloaded the trial version to evaluate the application. The website in Russian I kept telling you about? Well, that is a website telling me the evaluation expired. I was lucky to get my hands on another copy that actually let me do some translation, which at last, was only average compared to Google Translations.

José Fernández
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  • It can grab text from several applications


  • Poor application design
  • No support
  • Only average quality
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